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Ask Anything   Submit   Hello! I'm Lizzy and I'm a friendly, honest and slightly silly person who daydreams way too much. I love reading, running, and am dying to travel more. I ♥ my shows, obsessions include Supernatural and Merlin! I also love True Blood, Game Of Thrones, Dexter, Ghost Adventures, Doctor Who, and LotS. Warning: You'll see more than enough fangirliness on this blog, especially when it comes to the adorable Colin Morgan. I should know better, but I can't help myself. Gorgeous photography gets me every time no matter the subject but my faves are scenic pics, fashion, interior design, oh and food. Pretty pictures of food. I love meeting new people so don't be afraid to leave messages in my ask! I can and will talk to you about anything. I may also write away about any spur of the moment thoughts, so bear with me...



    “When the Winchesters meet Logic”

    These guys saved the world….

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    Merlin meme - Four Pairings - Merlin/Morgana

    She smiles, he cries He begs, but she denies (x)

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    2.13 Doomsday → 7.05 The Angels Take Manhattan

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    ”Things got pretty hairy towards the end, and he just let go.”

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    And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

     - Khalil Gibran

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